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About Robton Industries

Robton Industries is one of the premiere plastic bag, sheet and tube manufactures in the Philippines. We have been serving several of the biggest companies and businesses in the country for more than 50 years. Robton Industries specializes in blown film PE and PP extrusion and high-resolution color printing for food grade and non-food grade requirements. We are your go to for plastic food packaging in the Philippines.

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Our Plant

Robton Industries, Inc. is located at 250 Sto. Domingo Ave., Brgy, Balingasa, Quezon City where business operation started on the same location since June 1968. The facility is in a 3,527 square meters lot area and is compose of two (2) warehouse type buildings with second floor.


Through our shared spirit of quality excellence:

ROBTON INDUSTRIES, INCORPORATED, learns, develops and produces as a team and is committed to deliver superior packaging materials with the full understanding that quality is achieving more than what the customers require.

We aim achieve excellence in producing and delivering quality packaging materials that will not only satisfy but delight our customer. Every job in the company is important. We can only achieve our goals through collective contribution and a hundred percent participation. The kind of response we get in performing our tasks will be reflected in the company’s growth.

Our Vision

Robton Industries will be the #1 plastic manufacturer in the Philippine packaging industry, through quality products, lasting partnerships and minimal environmental footprint.

Our History

ROBTON INDUSTRIES, INC. is a plastic packaging company, founded and incorporated in June, 1968. Robton is a pioneer in the Philippine plastic industry and continues to be an industry mover up to date.


The company whose humble beginnings started with just a handful of people in 1968, now boasts of recruiting over 500 satisfied family members. Our employees are the heart of our business. Roblon treats each employee as a family member with above average industry benefits and opportunities for cross functionality and inter- branch transfers.


Employee satisfaction is vital to the company’s growth, because we believe that a happy employee is a productive employee. We hold annual challenges, celebrations and awarding, to select individuals and groups who are noteworthy. We believe that we are doing a good job and our employees can attest to that. After all, we have employees that have been here since Robton’s birth, beat that.


Our dynamic teams specializes in the operation of modern equipment and continues to learn through classes, seminars, experiences and thought people and co-workers, by our company, suppliers, customers, and the government.


“Our people are our strength, without them, Robton would be as lifeless asa a single piece of unextruded resin…” ~ Paul Tan, EVP-GM

plastic food packaging philippines

plastic food packaging philippines

We Package Life’s Surprises!

Robton seeks to produce the best quality packaging.
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