Our Process

Product Design and Development

Our in-house GRAPHICS AND DESIGN ARTIST provides our clients with layout, artwork, bromide, Epson print or mock up design to visualize the appearance of the target packaging design. Upon approval, we will provide Color proofing or a machine print of the design on the actual substrate. Color Limit or LSD (Light, Standard, Dark Limit) should be approved by the client before scheduling for mass production.

Extrusion or Film Blowing

Extrusion or Film Blowing is a process of making the resin pellets into plastic. Blown Film Extruders are machines used to produce substrates such as PE, PP and HDPE and other special plastic substrates. It is produces either one layer or multi layer and in tubular or sheet form.

Roto Gravure Printing

Roto Gravure Printing is a process of surface printing with ink management and Image preparation including color separation on desired material like Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Bag, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bag, Polypropylene (PP) Bag, any design can be printed on the substrates using combination of different colors. Robton’s printing machine color can be up to nine (9) colors.


Bagmaking is a process of converting printed materials into desired bag style. The Bagmaking Machines machine produces bags by heat sealing and cutting rolls. Rolls of tubing or sheeting are fed to the machine that draws the material to its proper length. The machine can be cycles to place a seal on the material and then cut if off to make an individual bag.

Slitting/ Rewinding

Slitting/ Rewinding is a process of cutting jumbo roll or larger roll of material into small rolls. It is process to cut various types of jumbo width material to narrower width with repetitive accuracy at a high speed process.

Depending on client’s application, requirements, and material. Subsequently, the Jumbo Rolls of materials are fed through a slitter to slit the material into small sized rolls of specific width per requirements. Basically two types of slitting process like, log slitting process and rewind slitting.

Gusseting Machines

Robton offers packaging material with gusset. A gusseted bag is a bag that has an extra material piece added to its bottom or sides. This makes the bag very spacious. This method is done first before cutting the substrate to its bag form.

Quality Control

The quality control specialist is assigned to monitor and check quality and standards to meet customer specifications.

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