Biodegradable and Oxodegradable Plastic Bags

Robton Industries are 100 percent committed to the environment. We are always aiming to develop green and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Sustainability is a big part of our core values. Looking towards the future our company is perfecting biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Currently almost all our products are recyclable and reusable and can be reintegrated back into the cycle and can be re melted to become garbage bags, tables or even construction materials.

Facts about plastic bags vs paper bags

  1. Plastic bags generate 39% less greenhouse gas emissions than uncomposed paper bags and 68% less greenhouse gas emissions than composted paper bags.
  2. Plastic bags consume less than 6% of the water needed to make paper bags. It takes 1,004 gallons of water to produce 1,000 paper bags and 58 gallons of water to produce 1,500 plastic bags.
  3. Plastic grocery bags consume 71% less energy during production than paper bags. Significantly, even though traditional disposable plastic bags are produced from fossil fuels, the total non-renewable energy consumed during their lifecycle is up to 36% less than the non-renewable energy consumed during the lifecycle of paper bags and up to 64% less than that consumed by biodegradable plastic bags.
  4. Using paper bags generates five times more solid waste than using plastic bags.
  5. After four or more uses, reusable plastic bags are superior to all types of disposable bags — paper, polyethylene, and compostable plastic, across all significant environmental indicators.



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