Aviation Insurance

What is Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance provides coverage geared specifically towards the operation of aircrafts and the risks involved in aviation. 

Who is Covered for Aviation Insurance?

Any individual that owns an aircraft
Any business or company involving the ownership of use of aircrafts
Flight Schools
Company-used or owned aircrafts

Aviation Insurance Coverage

Liability Insurance

Covers the Insured’s legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or property damage arising out of their ownership and/or operation of the aircraft

Hull Insurance

Covers the physical loss or damage to the aircraft due to an insured occurrence

Aviation Personal Accident

Insures the passengers and/or crew members for death, permanent total disablement while flying, embarking or disembarking from the aircraft

General Liability Insurance

Covers aviation refuellers, ground handlers, hangkeepers, airline caterers, repairers, etc.

Hull War Insurance

Covers loss or damage to the aircraft as caused by war and associated perils

Your Protection in the Sky

You should feel as safe in the sky as you do on land.
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