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Biodegradable Plastic Bag in the Philippines

Green is the way to go, and biodegradable plastic bags are on the rise in the Philippines. Robton Industries is a leading manufacturer of pure and ecologically friendly plastic packaging, offering a comprehensive range of products which are custom made according to the needs of our customers. We, at Robton Industries, strive to offer solutions that are environmentally sound, economical and sustainable and create an impact on the planet.

Robton Industries mainly deals with blown film bags composed of Polyethylene and Polypropylene which are all easily recyclable through proper segregation, cleaning and re melting. This means that our plastic bags can re enter the supply chain and be re processed to become garbage bags, plant bags and other items. Through proper recycling these items, unlike paper products can theoretically be reused for an unlimited number of times.

This being said Robton Industries is continually offering greener solutions to traditional plastics.

What are Oxobiodegradable Plastic Bags?

Oxobiodegradable plastics – Robton Industries has the option of incorporating oxodegradable additives to any existing formulation of plastic. Oxo-degredation is the degradation of polymers such as plastic by an oxidative process. Such oxidation breaks down plastics into smaller pieces that are easier to biodegrade. In simple terms through exposure to oxygen, heat and sunlight the oxodegradable additives help break down the plastics into smaller pieces that can be easier to be degraded. This is currently being integrated into our production of biodegradable plastic bag in the Philippines.

Robton Industries can add this additive based on customer preference to increase and speed up the biodegration.

Biodegradable Plastic Bag in the Philippines

Biodegradable plastics- Robton Industries is also developing proprietary technology into making our products almost fully biodegradable. What makes something biodegradable is that it can be degraded through the action of living organisms like microbes into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. This is currently being developed and perfected my Robton Industries. This means that even without sunlight and through the normal composting, Robton Industries proprietary additive promotes microbial colonies to target the plastic and continually degrade it almost fully, making the production of biodegradable plastic bag in the Philippines a priority project of ours.

We will continue to bring you the latest news and developments in the field of environmentally safe packaging. This is not a one time commitment, but rather a journey that will be ongoing as we continue to explore new ways to improve the packaging materials that we produce. Feel free to contact us for your requirements.

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